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How to make - POM POMS
On a piece of card (I recycled a breakfast cereal box) draw two identical large circles with smaller circles inside.
Experiment with different size circles for different sized pompoms.
Cut circles out and place them together.
Wrap yarn around the circles until fully covered. You can wrap 4-5 strands together at a time for speed.
The more the circles are covered, the fuller the pompom will be, again you need to experiment.
Try wrapping different coloured yarns for multi-coloured pompoms also try different textured yarns for interesting effects.
Using sharp scissors, cut yarn between the edges of the two circles. Be careful not to pull any of the cut strands.
Gently ease open the card circles a small amount.
Using a large strand of yarn place between the card circles and tie tightly. knot twice more. Than remove card circles.
Fluff up pompom. If strands are uneven, just give the pompom a trim.
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