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How to make - Tassels
Using a piece of card (I recycled a breakfast cereal box) cut out a retangle the size of the tassel you require with a slot approx. 2.5cm (1inch) down (Photo a.)
Experiment with different sizes for different sized tassels.
Make small snips into the card for holding thread/ yarn. (Photo B. Red lines)
Wind yarn around the card until desired fullness. (Photos D.&E.)

Try wrapping different coloured yarns for multi-coloured tassels also try different textured yarns for interesting effects.
Cut yarn at the bottom of the tassel with a sharp scissors. (Photo H.)

Slide off card

Fluff up tassel. If strands are uneven, just give the tassel a trim.
Using a lenght of yarn place around tassel and tie tightly. knot twice more. (Photo F.)

Using the lenght of yarn you placed in slits, tie around top of tassel. (Photo G.)
Place a length of yarn across top of cardboard, use the top slips to hold in place. (Photo C.)
Click image for instructions on how to make a tassel angel
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